Creative Ceramic Painting Cheryl Owen


senza sovra copertina

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Titolo: Creative Ceramic Painting Cheryl Owen

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copertina rigidaPlain platters become smart serving dishes, simple tea sets glow with golden damask swirls, and bare plates seem sugar frosted with their dessert design: whether you want to imitate a traditional pattern or go for something completely contemporary and original, you’ll be surprised at how swiftly and simply you can transform any ceramic piece with just a little paint and a template. There’s not even any need to fire it up in a kiln anymore! Techniques such as stenciling and stamping make transferring patterns especially easy, even for the first-time painter, and products like crackle varnish will give an instant antique patina to lamps, vases, and plant pots. So, get out the brush and start embellishing a farmyard spongeware jug, a floating feathers lamp base, juggling clown mugs, beachcomber’s boxes, delft tiles, and 21 more projects.


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