Saint John The Baptist


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copertina e angoli rovinati, bordo pagine esterno annerite

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ISBN: 9788857204956
Titolo: Saint John The Baptist
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Editore: Skira

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copertina morbida
In a passage from his Treatise on Painting, Leonardo refers to an aversion generally shared by painters of the period, with whom he seems to thoroughly agree, for shadows rendered too crisply when the main source of illumination is the sun.
To counter this, he suggest reducing the sun’s glare using glazes, thus creating a slightly misty atmosphere that softens the sharpness of contours and profilesm an undesirable inheritance from fifteenth century painting.Thus, in the Louvre Saint John the Baptist, the shaded contour of the figure, obtained through an infinite number of incredibly delicate transparent glazes, seems to have never been drawn at all…


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